Use Facebook Graph Search To Visualize Your Target Audience

If you’ve ever worked with Power Editor you know how uncomfortable and unwieldy it is. First, you can’t use it without Google Chrome, then you have to start it, setup a campaign or Ad from a confusing surface and therefore the majority of small business owners avoid it and hit the Boost Button. Before you go the long way through the Power Editor, you can use Graph Search to test some targeting criteria and ensure if your idea of a campaign for a specific audience would be practicable at all.

You can use Graph Search directly from the top of your Newsfeed on Facebook. let us try some searches and see how it works.

We can easily check a combination of “Location” and “Age” by using this search:

In the next step we can check “Interests” in addition to our last search:

Now we try another search:

Look at this! There are many single women in the United States, who like Titanic, the movie and are between 30 and 40 years old. They could be perfect for a Ship-travel offer, just an example…

Now we use the combination: Location, Gender, Education, Interest and Age:

Christmas time is a very busy time, especially for women in retail industry. Let us target all women who work at Kaufhof. It’s one of the biggest department store chains in Germany. You could directly offer them in January a good deal for relaxing or spa!

One of our customers is a Night Club in Frankfurt, Germany. Let us see how we can use Graph Search to check our possibilities for an Ad-Campaign and to show the owner of the Club what kinds of people we could reach. It’s always better to see some faces and some people who could be potential customers!

Graph Search can save a lot of your time, help you to visualize your target audience and get some feelings about the people you could reach! They are not just numbers, they are human and to see them and to look at their faces will help you to create better Ads and messages. Keep this always in mind: Marketing, not only in social media, is all about people and you should try to build relationships.

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